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Freelance dreamer & traveller

Iván Márquez Vergel, Cinematographer with more than 18 years of experience in film, television and audiovisual.
Graduated as a Social Communicator and Journalist from the JTL University of Colombia, he studied analogue and digital photography, then he completed a master's degree in Documentary Directing and Production to finally specialize in Direction of Cinematographic photography at the CEV in Madrid, Spain.

I have worked in all facets of the filmmaking process in the camera crew, actively participating in each step of the pre-production, filming and post-production.

I have trained to record with any camera format, participating in I+D according to the technical needs of each project. This way of working gave me a very solid base from the principles of digital cinematography, to develop a unique style that I have incorporated with professionalism and responsibility, it is reflected in my cinematography, both in the studio with visual effects and outside the world real.

Imarkez is my stage name, he worked in a wide range of projects that include my own documentary project, pieces of high quality commercial content and works of different genres in the current audiovisual landscape, artistic short pieces that tell great stories.


Cinematography and Events Coverage

Based in Barcelona and living in Madrid, Spain and other places, I have worked as Director of photography, camera operator, and camera team in different projects ranging from advertising, publishing, corporate, documentary, video art or travel film in Europe, South America, Africa, India. I have participated as a volunteer supporting various causes of help and volunteering.

I have experience working in some natural environments where I enjoy taking photographs and developing documentary and social projects, generally traveling to international missions.

Passionate about the image I try to enjoy my work and learn with each new project,
I like documentary, artistic and social projects.



Advice on the correct use of the image through the different types of optical systems and capture on camera, operate the camera despite the odds, difficulties or means.
From fiction to visual effects, miniatures, video art pieces and documentary films.


Extensive experience in audiovisual coverage of massive and international events.
Realization and live transmission systems, multi-screen performance, aerial filming, closed TV circuits, backstage and making of.


His audiovisual portfolio includes documentary photographs of nature, architecture and magical places where he has worked, his adventures have taken him through India, Kenya, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia and other countries.


Editing and Color Grading.
The edition one of the most important practices as Director / Creator Video Art.
Experience in assembly of audiovisual content for television and digital cinema.


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